The pool component allows for object pooling. This gives us a reusable pool of entities to avoid creating and destroying the same kind of entities in dynamic scenes. Object pooling helps reduce GC pauses.


For example, we may have a game with enemy entities that we want to reuse.

<a-scene pool__enemy="mixin: enemy; size : 10"></a-scene>
var el = sceneEl.components.pool__enemy.requestEntity();


Property Description Default Value
container Selector to store pooled entities. Defaults to the scene. ‘’
dynamic Grow the pool automatically if more entities are requested after reaching the size. false
mixin Mixin required to initialize the entities of the pool. ‘’
size Number of preallocated entities in the pool. 0


.requestEntity ()

Request one of the available entities in the pool.

.returnEntity (entityEl)

Relinquish an entity back to the pool.