A-Frame v0.5.0 - Features & Tools

A-Frame v0.5.0 - Features & Tools

Give A-Frame a high five for the release of v0.5.0! This release pulls in highly-awaited components from the ecosystem such as text and glTF, addresses several large WebVR Polyfill bugs for smartphones, comes with a slew of enhancements and bug fixes, and enables upcoming motion capture tools.

What’s New?

A text component, using SDF and MSDF, has landed into A-Frame core! Based on mattdesl’s three-bmfont-text, the text component has gone through a long lineage starting with @bryik‘s initial aframe-bmfont-text-component to fernandojsg‘s improvements to mchen‘s fork to mchen shepherding the component into A-Frame. The text component comes with several stock fonts and supports custom fonts, alignment, anchors, baselines, spacing, and wrapping. Read more about the text component.


The glTF model component has also landed into A-Frame core! glTF (GL Transmission Format) is an open project by The Khronos Group providing a standard efficient 3D file format that is tailored for transmitting models over the Web. The gltf-model component loads a 3D glTF model with a line of HTML. Note that glTF is a fairly new specification and adoption is still growing, but a large portion of the WebVR community are optimistic that glTF will become the .jpg of 3D assets. Read more about the gltf-model component.

Thanks to everyone who worked on the three.js glTF loader (richtr, @mrdoob, @auradeluxe, @superhoge) and the A-Frame component (@donmccurdy, @xirvr)!

Long-awaited bug fixes relating for smartphones include:

  • Fixing mobile iOS resolution and bluriness. Thanks to nullcode for the fix!
  • Fixing Cardboard support for many mobile devices, especially those with large screens. Thanks to @thoragio for forking WebVR polyfill to update its device database.
  • Fixing and forking WebVR polyfill for better WebView support. Thanks to grigorkh for the fix and andymartinwork for QAing.

The Inspector also contains a slew of updates including sample assets and texture modals so give that a look as well!

Check out the release notes for the complete changelog, includes a list of all new features, optimizations, and bug fixes.

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A Week of A-Frame 46

What's up with A-Frame, a WebVR framework for building virtual reality experiences, from Jan 27, 2017 to Feb 3, 2017.

glTF support has landed! This is an early, but more performant alternative to COLLADA and OBJ formats, and we’ll likely see it becoming heavily adopted in WebVR.

We’ve started the countdown to the release of 0.5.0 looking to solve some long-standing WebVR polyfill issues once and for all.

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A Week of A-Frame 45

What's up with A-Frame, a WebVR framework for building virtual reality experiences, from Jan 20, 2017 to Jan 27, 2017.

The text component has landed!. Thanks to @mattdesl for the implementation and initial component, then @bryik_ws for finishing the component, @fernandojsg for improving the component, and @machenmusik for shepherding it into core!


Read about the text component or try it out (best played with the Inspector)!.

And we’re about to release a tool that will make room scale VR development much more efficient and convenient!

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A Week of A-Frame 44

What's up with A-Frame, a WebVR framework for building virtual reality experiences, from Jan 13, 2017 to Jan 20, 2017.

A-Blast has been released! Save the world from the cutest creatures in the universe. A fun shooter mini-game where you fire laser guns at waves of adorable enemies. No components were harmed, but many were created in the making of this project.

A core text implementation is close to landing thanks to @machenmusik!

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A Week of A-Frame 43

What's up with A-Frame, a WebVR framework for building virtual reality experiences, from Jan 6, 2017 to Jan 13, 2017.

We wrote three new guides for the A-Frame documentation. We automated GitHub repository builds with our new friend, A-Frobot. Meetups and events spawning around the world. The Inspector was updated, and our super secret cool demo will be released soon!

We ran our first official A-Frame Bay Area Meetup. We had a Vive in the middle of the Mozilla San Francisco community space. People came up to show off Vive demos such as A-Painter, @iamnayr‘s Kubernetes VR, VR d3.js snippets on @enjalot’s, @datatitian’s super-hands component, and @superhoge’s MMD model + deferred rendering + instancing demos.

One of the coolest demos yet was @kfarr’s City Builder. He placed neighborhoods and streets that snapped themselves to the grid, and he added aliens and narrated an extraterrestial attack in seconds. Complete with a VR UI from the Vive touchpad to choose between models to place.

Want to run recurring meetup in your local area? Let us know so we can keep the A-Flame going!

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A Week of A-Frame 42

What's up with A-Frame, a WebVR framework for building virtual reality experiences, from Dec 28, 2016 to Jan 6, 2017.

A happy new year! Just one year ago, WebVR was a small group of crazy people, and A-Frame had just been born. And just one year later, WebVR has support from all the major tech players, and A-Frame has sparked WebVR content creation for the web community to build stellar projects. In 2017, A-Frame will get the good word out to the greater web community as WebVR hits stable releases of browsers and grow its component and asset ecosystem!

For the first week of this new year: a smooth NYC snowglobe, VR graphing calculator, room scale data visualization, bow and arrow with tracked controllers, Daydream controllers, Project Tango sculpting. There’s been work on fixing various A-Frame bugs, investigating resolution issues on mobile with the WebVR polyfill, automating GitHub builds and releases, adding components to the Registry, and improving documentation.

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A Week of A-Frame 40 - 41

What's up with A-Frame, a WebVR framework for building virtual reality experiences, from Dec 14, 2016 to Dec 28, 2016.

Happy birthday to A-Frame! We released v0.4.0. Activity is picking back up again after the holidays as the good tidings of pull requests and components roll in. Let’s keep WebVR going in 2017!

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Taking Screenshots in A-Frame

Taking Screenshots in A-Frame

Did you know that A-Frame v0.4.0 lets you take a screenshot of any scene? Press <ctrl> + <alt> + s to take a regular screenshot or <ctrl> + <alt> + <shift> + s to capture an equirectangular panorama.

The latter is very handy to create scene previews so users can take a quick peek without having to wait for the whole experience to load. You could create a gallery of content that presents a grid of interactive previews without the overhead of initializing every single scene.

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A-Frame v0.4.0 - The Registry

A-Frame v0.4.0 - The Registry

Happy first birthday to A-Frame!. A-Frame was born exactly one year ago with the mission to make WebVR content creation accessible and to enable rapid innovation. We can’t begin to describe how much the community has grown and the amazing things people have contributed and built in the past year.

We celebrate with the release of v0.4.0! v0.4.0 comes with Oculus Touch support, API polish, bug fixes, and an update to the A-Frame Inspector. In the past few months, we started the A-Frame Registry! We’ll be expanding upon the Registry and focus on building out more tooling and ecosystem on top of A-Frame.


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A Week of A-Frame 35 - 39

What's up with A-Frame, a WebVR framework for building virtual reality experiences, from Nov 11, 2016 to Dec 14, 2016.

The A-Frame team was out and about these last few weeks including Tokyo and Hawaii. Here’s everything from the past month all at once. Exciting work as we approach A-Frame’s First Birthday, 0.4.0 release, a ramp-up on populating the Registry, and A-Blast, an upcoming shooting game.

Awesome work includes a Web version of BigScreenVR, portal effects, a snowflake maker, Virtual Boy post-processing effect, projected cursor component, Oculus Touch Controls, numerous AR demos including Pokemon Go, streaming web pages as a texture using Phantom, building cities with controllers.

Blair MacIntyre, who recently joined Mozilla as a principal research scientist for AR, gave mind-blowing demos using argon-aframe to display A-Frame scenes on a table using markers, layering scenes on top of each other in Argon Browser (like tabs for AR), and placing GPS-based markers in literally the world-space coordinate system. Keep an eye out for that!

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