Starting with Safari on iOS 13 browsers require sites to be served over https and request user permission to access DeviceOrientation events. This component presents a permission dialog for the user to grant or deny access. The device-orientation-permission-ui component applies only to the <a-scene> element

To configure the style of the dialog one can redefine the associated css styles. To change the colors of the allow, deny and ok buttons:

.a-dialog-allow-button {
background-color: red;

.a-dialog-deny-button {
background-color: blue;

.a-dialog-ok-button {
background-color: green;

The dialog can also be disabled all together if you prefer to handle the permissions workflow differently.


<a-scene device-orientation-permission-ui="enabled: false"></a-scene>


Property Description Default Value
enabled Whether or not to display the dialog when required true
denyButtonText Deny button text English text
allowButtonText Allow button text English text
cancelButtonText Cancel button text English text
deviceMotionMessage Message in dialog requesting user permission to enable the Device Motion API. English text
mobileDesktopMessage Message displayed in modal requesting user to switch to mobile browsing mode. English text
httpsMessage Message requesting user to switch to HTTPS. English text


Event Name Description
deviceorientationpermissiongranted User has granted access to DeviceOrientation events
deviceorientationpermissionrejected User or browser has denied access to DeviceOrientation events
deviceorientationpermissionrequested Application has requested permission to access DeviceOrientation events