Note: This documentation is for the old 1.4.0 version of A-Frame. Check out the documentation for the current 1.6.0 version

The camera primitive determines what the user sees. We can change the viewport by modifying the camera entity’s position and rotation.




Attribute Component Mapping Default Value
far camera.far 10000
fov camera.fov 80
look-controls-enabled look-controls.enabled true
near camera.near 0.5
reverse-mouse-drag look-controls.reverseMouseDrag false
wasd-controls-enabled wasd-controls.enabled true

Manually Positioning the Camera

A camera is situated by default at the average height of human eye level (1.6 meters). When used with controls that receive rotation or position (e.g. from a VR device) this position will be overridden.

<!-- Place camera at ground level (will be overridden by VR devices) -->
<a-camera position="0 0 0"></a-camera>

When moving or rotating the camera relative to the scene, use a camera rig. By doing so, the camera’s height offset can be updated by roomscale devices, while still allowing the tracked area to be moved independently around the scene.

<a-entity id="rig" position="25 10 0">
<a-camera id="camera"></a-camera>