Note: This documentation is for the old 0.5.0 version of A-Frame. Check out the documentation for the current 1.5.0 version

The oculus-touch-controls component interfaces with the Oculus Touch controllers. It wraps the tracked-controls component while adding button mappings, events, and a Touch controller model.


<a-entity oculus-touch-controls="hand: left"></a-entity>
<a-entity oculus-touch-controls="hand: right"></a-entity>


Property Description Default Value
hand The hand that will be tracked (i.e., right, left). left
model Whether the Touch controller model is loaded. true
rotationOffset Offset to apply to model rotation. 0


Event Name Description
triggerdown Trigger pressed.
triggerup Trigger released.
triggertouchstart Trigger touched.
triggertouchend Trigger no longer touched.
thumbstickdown Thumbstick pressed.
thumbstickup Thumbstick released.
thumbsticktouchstart Thumbstick touched.
thumbsticktouchend Thumbstick no longer touched.
gripdown Grip button pressed.
gripup Grip button released.
griptouchstart Grip button touched.
griptouchend Grip button no longer touched.
Adown A button pressed.
Aup A button released.
Atouchstart A button touched.
Atouchend A button no longer touched.
Bdown B button pressed.
Bup B button released.
Btouchstart B button touched.
Btouchend B button no longer touched.
Xdown X button pressed.
Xup X button released.
Xtouchstart X button touched.
Xtouchend X button no longer touched.
Ydown Y button pressed.
Yup Y button released.
Ytouchstart Y button touched.
Ytouchend Y button no longer touched.
menudown Menu button pressed.
menuup Menu button released.
systemdown System button pressed.
systemup System button released.