The vive-controls component interfaces with the HTC Vive controllers/wands. It wraps the tracked-controls component while adding button mappings, events, and a Vive controller model that highlights the pressed buttons (trigger, grip, menu, system) and trackpad.


<a-entity vive-controls="hand: left"></a-entity>
<a-entity vive-controls="hand: right"></a-entity>


PropertyDescriptionDefault Value
buttonColorButton colors when not pressed.#FAFAFA (off-white)
buttonHighlightColorButton colors when pressed and active.#22D1EE (light blue)
handThe hand that will be tracked (i.e., right, left).left
modelWhether the Vive controller model is loaded.true
rotationOffsetOffset to apply to model rotation.0


Event NameDescription
gripdownGrip button pressed.
gripupGrip button released.
menudownMenu button pressed.
menuupMenu button released.
systemdownSystem button pressed.
systemupSystem button released.
trackpaddownTrackpad pressed.
trackpadupTrackpad released.
triggerdownTrigger pressed.
triggerupTrigger released.