Note: This documentation is for the old 1.3.0 version of A-Frame. Check out the documentation for the current 1.6.0 version

The gearvr-controls component interfaces with the Samsung/Oculus Gear VR controllers. It wraps the tracked-controls component while adding button mappings, events, and a Gear VR controller model that highlights the touched and/or pressed buttons (trackpad, trigger).


<!-- Match Gear VR controller if present, regardless of hand. -->
<a-entity gearvr-controls></a-entity>

<!-- Match Gear VR controller if present and for specified hand. -->
<a-entity gearvr-controls="hand: left"></a-entity>
<a-entity gearvr-controls="hand: right"></a-entity>


Property Description Default
armModel Whether the arm model is used for positional data. true
buttonColor Button colors when not pressed. #000000
buttonTouchedColor Button colors when touched. #777777
buttonHighlightColor Button colors when pressed and active. #FFFFFF
hand The hand that will be tracked (e.g., right, left).
model Whether the Gear controller model is loaded. true
orientationOffset Offset to apply to model orientation. x: 0, y: 0, z: 0


Event Name Description
trackpadchanged Trackpad changed.
trackpaddown Trackpad pressed.
trackpadup Trackpad released.
trackpadtouchstart Trackpad touched.
trackpadtouchend Trackpad not touched.
triggerchanged Trigger changed.
triggerdown Trigger pressed.
triggerup Trigger released.