Note: This documentation is for the old 0.3.0 version of A-Frame. Check out the documentation for the current 1.6.0 version

glTF is recommended for distributing assets in production over the web. Check out using the glTF component. You can either instead export to COLLADA and use the converter or try out the OBJ converter.

The .OBJ model primitive displays a 3D Wavefront model. It is an entity that maps the src and mtl attributes to the obj-model component’s obj and mtl properties respectively.


<a-asset-item id="crate-obj" src="crate.obj"></a-asset-item>
<a-asset-item id="crate-mtl" src="crate.mtl"></a-asset-item>

<!-- Using the asset management system. -->
<a-obj-model src="#crate-obj" mtl="#crate-mtl"></a-obj-model>

<!-- Defining the URL inline. Not recommended but may be more comfortable. -->
<a-obj-model src="crate.obj" mtl="crate.mtl"></a-obj-model>


Attribute Component Mapping Default Value
mtl obj-model.mtl null
src obj-model.obj null


If you don’t see your model, try scaling it down. OBJ models generally have extremely large scales in comparison to A-Frame’s scale.