NOTE: This version of the documentation tracks unstable development happening on A-Frame’s master branch. If you wish to try it out, grab the unstable build. Otherwise, head to the documentation for the current 1.5.0 version

The screenshot component lets us take different types of screenshots with keyboard shortcuts. A-Frame attaches this component to the scene by default so we don’t have to do anything to use the component.


Equirectangular Screenshot

To take a 360° (equirectangular) screenshot, press <ctrl> + <alt> + <shift> + s on the keyboard.

Equirectangular Screenshot

Perspective Screenshot

To take a normal (perspective) screenshot, press <ctrl> + <alt> + s on the keyboard.

Perspective Screenshot


Property Description Default Value
width The width in pixels of the screenshot taken. 4096
height The height in pixels of the screenshot taken. 2048


To take a screenshot programatically and get a canvas, call getCanvas():

// `screenshot.projection` property can be `equirectangular` or `perspective`.

To take a screenshot programmatically and automatically save the file, call capture():