NOTE: This version of the documentation tracks unstable development happening on A-Frame’s master branch. If you wish to try it out, grab the unstable build. Otherwise, head to the documentation for the current 1.6.0 version

The cubemap primitive is used to create a CubeTexture environment map from 6 square images.

This can then be used as an envMap in the material component, or on a probe light.


<!-- Cubemap asset -->
<a-cubemap id="reflection">
<img src="milkyway/px.jpg">
<img src="milkyway/nx.jpg">
<img src="milkyway/py.jpg">
<img src="milkyway/ny.jpg">
<img src="milkyway/pz.jpg">
<img src="milkyway/nz.jpg">

<!-- Sphere with reflection. -->
<a-sphere position="0 1 -2"
material="envMap:#reflection; metalness:1.0; roughness:0.0">


No attributes. The cubemap is configured by creating 6 child elements beneath it.