NOTE: This version of the documentation tracks unstable development happening on A-Frame’s master branch. If you wish to try it out, grab the unstable build. Otherwise, head to the documentation for the current 1.6.0 version

The circle primitive creates circles surfaces using the geometry component with the type set to circle.


<img id="platform" src="platform.jpg">

<!-- Basic circle. -->
<a-circle color="#CCC" radius="20"></a-circle>

<!-- Textured circle parallel to ground. -->
<a-circle src="#platform" radius="50" rotation="-90 0 0"></a-circle>


Attribute Component Mapping Default Value
ambient-occlusion-map material.ambientOcclusionMap None
ambient-occlusion-map-intensity material.ambientOcclusionMapIntensity 1
ambient-occlusion-texture-offset material.ambientOcclusionTextureOffset 0 0
ambient-occlusion-texture-repeat material.ambientOcclusionTextureRepeat 1 1
color material.color #FFF
displacement-bias material.displacementBias 0.5
displacement-map material.displacementMap None
displacement-scale material.displacementScale 1
displacement-texture-offset material.displacementTextureOffset 0 0
displacement-texture-repeat material.displacementTextureRepeat 1 1
env-map material.envMap None
fog material.fog true
height material.height 256
metalness material.metalness 0
normal-map material.normalMap None
normal-scale material.normalScale 1 1
normal-texture-offset material.normalTextureOffset 0 0
normal-texture-repeat material.normalTextureRepeat 1 1
radius geometry.radius 1
repeat material.repeat 1 1
roughness material.roughness 0.5
segments geometry.segments 32
spherical-env-map material.sphericalEnvMap None
src material.src None
theta-length geometry.thetaLength 360
theta-start geometry.thetaStart 0
width material.width 512
wireframe material.wireframe false
wireframe-linewidth material.wireframeLinewidth 2

Parallelizing to the Ground

To make a circle parallel to the ground, rotate it around the X-axis:

<a-circle rotation="-90 0 0"></a-circle>