A-Frame v1.0.0 - WebXR Support, AR Mode

A-Frame v1.0.0 - WebXR Support, AR Mode

Today marks A-Frame’s fourth birthday. Four years ago, on December 16th, 2015, we released the first version of A-Frame to make it easier to build VR experiences and make the Web keep pace with the VR industry.

With the help of a community of hundreds of thousands of developers over the years, we’re releasing A-Frame v1.0.0 to support the coming out of the WebXR spec which has been under discussion for the past several years. The upgrade to A-Frame v1 and beyond will become necessary on more and more browsers as they deprecate WebVR and only support the WebXR specification.

To clear confusion, WebXR refers to both AR and VR support on the Web. To that end, we’ve included an AR mode out of the box in A-Frame for browsers that support ARCore and ARKit. In production, make sure to use HTTPS for VR and AR support.

We’d like to thank in part Google for providing a bit of funding to us at Supermedium to help develop and maintain WebXR support for A-Frame. And to thank people within Google, Oculus, and importantly the Web community for testing this version for us. We’ll continue to provide necessary updates to A-Frame.

We’d also like to celebrate now 300+ contributors, 10,000+ GitHub stars, and 300+ email subscribers to the A-Frame project.

If you’d like to continue to support us, please subscribe to the A-Frame newsletter where we’ll not only provide updates and showcase community projects, but requests for testing and user feedback support every now and then to keep us going in this grassroots project.

Read the release notes and changelog.




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