CC-Licensed Textures from Flickr

CC-Licensed Textures from Flickr

Cross-posted from Boris Mann’s Tumblr.

I’m messing around with A-Frame and learning about textures.

I went over to Flickr and did a search on texture with CC-licensed images and came up with images that Stewart had uploaded a decade ago.

Equirectangular images are used a lot, so here’s a CC-licensed search on the Ecquirectangular Group.

My experiment with the A-Frame Boilerplate is hosted on my Github projects

If you visit that link you can use W-A-S-D keys to navigate around, or better yet, open it on your phone and stick it in a VR headset. It’s Geocities 1.0 time in VR on the web, but it’s great to see Mozilla getting things to the state that we CAN hand-code this sort of thing. I’ve just been reading through the A-Frame Primitives documentation and getting a feel for what’s possible.