A Week of A-Frame 46

What's up with A-Frame, a WebVR framework for building virtual reality experiences, from Jan 27, 2017 to Feb 3, 2017.

glTF support has landed! This is an early, but more performant alternative to COLLADA and OBJ formats, and we’ll likely see it becoming heavily adopted in WebVR.

We’ve started the countdown to the release of 0.5.0 looking to solve some long-standing WebVR polyfill issues once and for all.


Leupsi VR - Large-scale virtual tours on mobile using a smartphone as a controller with other various WebVR experiments.

Conway’s Game of Life

Meditate VR

Virtuleap Hackathon Submissions

Gravr - A Globally Recognized Avatar for VR on the web. By @rolanddubois.

Dashboard VR - Dashboard VR is a WebVR experience that displays real time local information to the user. By @valcourgames.

Paint the World - Collaborative real-time painting in VR.

Dreamlands - Dreamlands is an open world where people can come together, interact, and create.

Budget Your Future by @utopiah

Avenue: Immersive Destination Booking - With Avenue, travelers can discover their destinations beforehand, meaning less time guessing, and more time exploring.


Select Bar Component by @kfarr

Gravr Component by @rolanddubois

Sticky Cursor Component by @casonclagg (view GIF)

Point Component by @naugtur

Ambient Occlusion Component by mynameislau.


Wow that was some night in VR! by @lady_ada_king. Recap of A-Frame + WebVR LDNWebPerf talk.

Poster VR: Re-imagining the Movie Poster by @shaundunne.

Emitting Custom Events Between Components (StackOverflow)