A Week of A-Frame 45

What's up with A-Frame, a WebVR framework for building virtual reality experiences, from Jan 20, 2017 to Jan 27, 2017.

The text component has landed!. Thanks to @mattdesl for the implementation and initial component, then @bryik_ws for finishing the component, @fernandojsg for improving the component, and @machenmusik for shepherding it into core!


Read about the text component or try it out (best played with the Inspector)!.

And we’re about to release a tool that will make room scale VR development much more efficient and convenient!


Tarski’s Truth Machine for HTC Vive by Stony Brook TLT Media Lab.

Tarski's Truth Machine

AARRRR! THE WAVES!! - Pirate ships in a cove. Created at Global Game Jam 2017.


Video Player by Lee Nolan. Supports link traversal on Firefox Nightly.

Video Player

Cambridge Census

Cambridge Census

Tattoo Sim - NSFW (Nudity) - Place tattoos on a human model.


Gradient Sky by Zac Canter.

Gradient Sky

Mouse Cursor Component added to the Registry!

Mouse Cursor GIF


How to Share 360 Panorama Photos with WebVR and A-Frame by @kezzbracey.


A-Frame SF Meetup in February announced.

Mozilla Bangladesh

Seminar on WebVR @ IIUC

Painting Jam

Painting Jam WriteUp

Painting Jam

Painting Jam 2