A Week of A-Frame 29

What's up with A-Frame, a WebVR framework for building virtual reality experiences, for the week of Sep 23, 2016 to Sep 30, 2016.

The A-Frame team has started working on A-Shooter, a room-scale VR arcade first-person shooting demo! It is still in its very early stages in concept and gameplay, but we currently have guns, enemies, points, health, waves, and game state. These demos have brought back necessary improvements and fixes to A-Frame such as object pooling support, which are needed for performant bullets and enemies.

A-Shooter 1

Also featuring initial spline-based enemy movement:

A-Shooter Enemy Movement

Other work includes hooking up the A-Frame Inspector with the A-Frame Registry, which includes community components and perhaps assets. Below we can see including mountains and text components from the registry from right from the Inspector.

Inspector Registry

And also with assets:

Inspector Textures