A Week of A-Frame 49

What's up with A-Frame, a WebVR framework for building virtual reality experiences, from Feb 17, 2017 to Feb 24, 2017.

The global Virtuleap WebVR Hackathon has come to a conclusion. They announced the top ten projects and winners, voted on by a panel of 17 judges from all different VR companies. Nine out of the top ten projects, including both winners, were built using A-Frame! We’ll list the Virtuleap A-Frame projects below with links. Congratulations to @ThePascalRascal and @Geczy for winning €30K and spots to VR acclerator programs in Amsterdam.


Virtuleap Hackathon Projects

Below are Virtuleap’s nine out of the top ten voted WebVR projects built with A-Frame.

1. Paint the World by @ThePascalRascal and @Geczy (code) - Collaborative-real time painting in VR! What your friends draw on a 2D canvas will appear in the 3D world in real-time.


2. Adit: Enter the Data Mine (code) by @Datatitian - Adit is a tool for exploratory data analysis that brings together the R language for statistical computing and virtual reality via shiny and A-Frame.


3. CityViewR by @runhar- Open data for smart cities, in VR! Aimed at decision-makers and data-analysts, CityViewR combines the best of the Web and VR. It uses open data to collect low regional statistical data which users can combine with their own data. CityViewR presents these data in an immersive room-scale setting, letting users view these data in new ways.

screen shot 2017-02-24 at 5 05 24 am

4. A-Frame Video Viewer by Lee Nolan - A hands-free way to navigate video files.

screen shot 2017-02-24 at 5 06 43 am

5. gravr: Globally Recognized Avatar for WebVR (code) by @rolanddubois - Gravr is your VR profile API that follows you from VR experience to VR experience customized by you and based on your hardware and real life environment. Gravr focuses on user comfort and accessibility. The Gravr A-Frame component adds a round profile menu to your WebVR environment that allows you to switch between a set of preferences while you are immersed in virtual space.


7. PPT VR by @Azathor - PPT-VR is a web platform that enables everyone to create complex VR applications in a few simple steps. The VR content created one our platform can be instantly published to all platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Web, etc) on a single click.


8. File Manager VR (code) by Ivan Petrichenko - File manager in 3D VR environment. Browse local or remote file systems, organize files across directories by dragging with HTC Vive controllers, preview images. Includes visualization of OLAP cubes. This project tries to prototype a universal shell for system administrators or data analysts, some kind of business intelligence dashboard, and so on.

file manager

9. OverUnder Panorama Viewer (code) by @bryik_ws - A free web app that can be used to view over/under stereo panoramas stored locally (currently NVIDIA recommends paying $16 for Virtual Desktop), and a way a to share these panoramas on the web.


10. MathworldVR by @michaltakac - MathworldVR is an experimental project focused on how WebVR can be used for math education, where people can grasp hard, abstract concepts or just play around freely with in math world, where everything can be visualized.





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