Experiment with AR and A-Frame

Experiment with AR and A-Frame

Google Chrome and Oculus Browser are now shipping WebXR enabled by default for VR headsets. The Web magic doesn’t stop there. AR is also coming to the standard and you can experiment today on Android ARCore compatible devices and Chrome 79 or newer.

Enable the experimental WebXR AR module in chrome://flags and make sure your page is served over HTTPS. A-Frame 1.0.3 or newer automatically detects AR and shows the new Enter AR button:

button image

Build a scene in the same way than you do for VR. Just make sure that the background doesn’t block the camera view 🙂

<a-assets timeout="30000">
<a-asset-item id="spinosaurus" src="dino-model.glb"></a-asset-item>

<a-camera position="0 1.2 0"></a-camera>

<!-- 2D environment omitted for simplicity -->

<a-entity id="dino" position="-1 0 -3" scale="0.5 0.5 0.5">
<a-entity position="0 2.15 0" rotation="0 55 0"
shadow="cast: true; receive: false"></a-entity>

<!-- Lights configuration omitted for simplicity -->

Try now on your ARCore phone and check out the source code

dino AR

What about interactions?

When entering immersive mode, regular user DOM Events are disabled. There are two ongoing efforts to enable interactivity in AR experiences:

Hit Test

Developers will be able to cast rays into the real world and retrieve a list of intersection points against the real world understanding. A ray might be triggered by user input like touches or mouse clicks to for instance, place or move virtual objects in the real world.

DOM Overlay layer

When entering AR or VR mode, only WebGL content and the real world or camera image are rendered on screen. DOM layers will allow overlaying HTML elements to present for instance 2D UIs, instructions or contextual information associated to virtual or real world objects.

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